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GPA Maestro Logo Great Plains Audio was formed in 1998 after the closing of the Altec Lansing factory in Oklahoma City. It was clear to Bill Hanuschak, who worked for them from 1980 until they closed, that there would be a need for someone to continue the maintenance of the large number of Altec acoustic products in use around the world. So, he went to EVI/Telex, who had purchased Altec Lansing, with a plan to purchase all of the tooling, drawings, and equipment Altec used to build and service their loudspeakers, and to become their authorized service center for all of the Altec Lansing products that were still under warranty at that time. In addition, GPA assumed repair duties for all of the older, classic products that had served Altec’s customers since it's inception with the parts manufactured from the original Altec tooling. 
GPA Maestro Logo Today, Great Plains Audio continues the Altec tradition by manufacturing repair parts and complete products to the highest quality. Recently, we have re-released some of Altec's  most famous loudspeakers under the GPA moniker, which we call our Classic Series, including products like the world-famous 515C and 417-8H  Alnico woofers, and the NEW 288H-series Alnico High-Frequency Compression Driver.

GPA Maestro Logo We are also very excited about several new designs we are working on to bring to the audio market place. Two examples of these are our impressive redesign of Altec's famous 604-series of studio monitors, the 604-8H-III 16" Two-Way Loudspeaker , and our new 212-8A Twelve-inch Two-Way Loudspeaker , which unitizes the large format diaphragm used in the large 288 drivers.

GPA Maestro Logo We are also the source for original parts and warranty service for Altec Lansing Professional, which was a division of Altec Lansing Technologies. This includes all of their speaker products that were built through 2005. As always, these products will be repaired using the original parts made from original tooling and materials, thus assuring that their performance will meet original specifications.


GPA Maestro Logo Bill Hanuschak - President and Owner of Great Plains Audio, Bill has worked in professional audio field for over 30 years. From 1980 through 1998, he worked as an Acoustic Product Engineer and Production Engineer at Altec Lansing in Oklahoma City. One of Bill’s last and favorite projects at Altec was to design a complete product line of speakers systems for the church market. Called the House Of Worship (H.O.W.) Series, these products included large and small systems to be used as the main sound source and also a wide variety of floor monitors.
   Contact Bill Via E-mail: bill@greatplainsaudio.com

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Steve Upchurch -
Project Engineer and Customer Service Specialist.
During his 29-year career in professional audio, Steve has worked as an Electronics Technician, Electronics Production Engineer, Technical Services Manager, and Director of Service & Distribution. Steve is a 16-year Altec Lansing veteran, and has expertise with many of Altec Lansing’s tried and true designs. Together, Bill and Steve develop superior new products by combining the best concepts from some of those tried and true designs with some of the latest test methods, manufacturing processes, and finest materials available.
   Contact Steve:  steve@greatplainsaudio.com

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Todd W. White -
Marketing and Web Development. A former Altec Lansing Professional Sound Contractor and Sales Engineer, Todd is responsible for the marketing efforts of our products, the design and upkeep of our website, and handling the daily correspondence of the company.

   Contact Todd
Via E-mail For Price Quotes, Application Advice, To Place An Order, Or To Report Problems With The Website: info@greatplainsaudio.com

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