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GPA Maestro Logo Great Plains Audio is offers the following high-frequency horns for use with both our high-frequency compression drivers and those made by Altec Lansing.

GPA MR931-12 HornOur MR931-12 Constant-Directivity Horn is for use with small-format compression drivers having a 1" throat aperture. The asymmetrical coverage pattern allows for a wider variety of applications. Perfect for use in small studio or floor monitors, as well as high-quality home audio systems. Works well in conjunction with a properly designed LF system as a center channel in home theatre systems. Direct replacement for the horn used in the Altec Lansing Model 14 Studio Monitor, 937 Floor Monitor, 9842 Studio Monitor, and the 9872 Portable Loudspeaker System. Recommended crossover limit = 1,200 Hz.

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GPA 21216A AdaptorOur 21216A Throat Adaptoris for adapting GPA and Altec Lansing large-format (1.4") throat drivers to GPA and Altec Lansing small-format (1") throat horns. They can also be used to adapt small-format GPA and Altec Lansing drivers to large-format horns.

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