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GPA Maestro Logo In addition to parts and service for older Altec Lansing loudspeakers, Great Plains Audio manufactures an ever-increasing number of finished loudspeaker products for use in professional and audiophile systems.

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GPA Maestro Logo Individual Loudspeaker Components:
Great Plains Audio continues the Altec tradition of manufacturing individual loudspeaker components of the highest quality and outstanding performance characteristics. Whether you need horns, high-frequency compression drivers, low-frequency loudspeakers, two-way loudspeakers, or crossovers, GPA has what you need! Our loudspeaker components are excellent companions to existing Altec Lansing products too, and are also popular as replacements when the originals have been damaged or lost.

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GPA Maestro Logo Complete Loudspeaker Systems:
Great Plains Audio is in the process of designing a whole new generation of complete loudspeaker systems for home and professional use. Watch for announcements about these exciting new systems in our GPA NEWS  page.   


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