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    Great Plains Audio is the premier repair center for Altec Lansing loudspeakers manufactured before 2005. We can also repair professional loudspeakers produced by other manufacturers, including Electro-Voice and JBL.

GPA Maestro Logo Great Plains Audio specializes in the repair of the following discontinued Altec Lansing Professional Loudspeaker Products -

    Altec 288B-C  288 & 299-series of High Frequency Compression Drivers
          Altec 288B
           © Altec Corporation

    Altec 290C  290-series of High Frequency Compression Drivers
              Altec 290C
                © Altec Corporation

     Altec 80D  800/900-series of High Frequency Compression Drivers
           Altec 802
          © Altec Corporation

    Altec 515B  515-series of Low Frequency Loudspeakers
           Altec 515
          © Altec Corporation


        * 400-series of Low Frequency Loudspeakers (411's, 414's, 416's, 417's, etc.)
        * 600-series of Low Frequency Loudspeakers (601's, 604's, 617's, etc.)
        * 3000-series of Low Frequency Loudspeakers (3124, 3127, 3124, 3154, 3184)
        * Home Audio Loudspeakers manufactured prior to 1983.

    Whether you have an original Altec 288 high frequency compression driver made in the late 1940's, any of the newer large and small-format compression drivers, or one of Altec's many outstanding low frequency loudspeakers, we can probably repair it!  

    Don't be fooled by imitators - NO ONE ELSE can manufacture diaphragms for your Altec high frequency compression drivers that perform exactly as the originals did! Our team of skilled craftsmen were all long-time Altec employees, assuring that our parts and service meet and exceed original Altec Lansing standards for performance, quality, and durability.

GPA Maestro Logo Our Standard Service includes remagnetizing old Alnico high and low frequency loudspeakers to restore their original magnetic strength at no extra charge.

Special Services That Are Available - 

GPA Maestro Logo All of our high frequency diaphragms are manufactured in-house using the modern mounting ring and push-on terminal assemblies developed by Altec Lansing in the middle 1980's. For those customers wishing to retain the vintage appearance to their products, original style mounting rings that utilize screw-type terminals are available for an additional sum by special order.

GPA Maestro Logo Low and High frequency loudspeaker rebuild kits are available to qualified reconing centers. Call for current availability and pricing.

GPA Maestro Logo Full restoration for the original Altec 515 low frequency loudspeaker is available. This includes a full paper cone, phenolic spider, and total remagnetization. We also provide this service for the original Altec 604 DUPLEX® loudspeakers. Please specify this option when sending in your loudspeaker.

GPA Maestro Logo Full restoration for the Altec 411 low frequency loudspeaker is also available. This includes an entirely new foam surround, cone, suspension, voice coil, and complete testing before it leaves our facility.

  Thank you for looking, and we look forward to being of service to you!


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