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GPA Maestro LogoIn 1944, Altec Lansing released what is possibly the most famous loudspeaker ever made by anyone - the 604 DUPLEX®. A 15" co-axial loudspeaker, it revolutionized the studio monitoring world, and became the world standard by which all others of it's type that would follow for the next 50 years. Nothing sounds more natural and lifelike than a properly operating 604! We are proud to offer the 604 in two different versions, and it's new 12-inch baby brother, the Model 212-8A.

GPA 604-8H-III 16" Two-Way SpeakerOur latest version of the world famous 604-series is the Model 604-8H-III.A refined version of our 604-8H-II, this model boasts a different high-frequency horn than the previous models. Our new exponentially-flared radial horn provides excellent upper end response not achieved in any previous version of the 604. When installed in a properly designed enclosure, its' performance is, to say the least, IMPRESSIVE. Stereo imaging of the new 604-8H-III is amazing and very real-to-life. It is supplied with our our proprietary passive crossover, which is built using the highest quality components. It can also be ordered without the crossover for use in biamplified systems. Perfect for studio monitoring, critical listening rooms, hotel ballrooms, professional sound reinforcement systems, and home audio systems of the finest order. Click on the image to view the specification sheets for our 604-8H-III 16" Two-Way Loudspeaker System.

For details on the crossover for the 604-8H-III, click HERE .

GPA 212-8A 12" Two-Way SpeakerThe newest addition to our family of two-way loudspeakers is the Model 212-8A 12" Loudspeaker. Differing from the 604-series, which uses two separate magnetic assemblies mounted together, the 212-8A uses one large magnet for both high and low frequency sections. This method of manufacture not only reduces material costs, it actually improves the performance of the two by reducing magnetic flux interferences.  It is supplied with our proprietary passive crossover of the highest quality components, or it can be ordered without the crossover for use in biamplified systems. Perfect for hotel ballrooms, high-quality background music and paging systems, and, with the addition of supplemental LF loudspeakers, they work very well in studio monitors, critical listening rooms, and home audio systems. Click on the image to view the specification sheets for our 212-8A 12" Two-Way Loudspeaker System.

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